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Welcome to our review of the Dancing ‌Bear Amethyst Cluster Cut​ Base, ‌Celestite, & Selenite Tower Healing Crystal set. We’re excited to share our first-hand ​experience with this beautiful and powerful crystal collection. ⁤As a team dedicated⁣ to crystal healing practices,⁢ we ⁢take great care in hand-sorting our crystals to ensure that you receive the very best. Please note⁤ that‌ since⁤ these stones are natural, there will be a variety of‌ shapes‍ and sizes, but we can assure you that the ​quality is ‍unmatched.

Let’s start with the ⁣star of ‍the set, the Amethyst Cluster with Cut ⁣Base. This deep purple gem ‍is truly mesmerizing and⁣ emits a⁣ peaceful energy that‌ instantly‍ calms the mind. We found that placing it on an altar in our home enhanced ‌the overall atmosphere and provided a sense of tranquility.

Next up, ⁣we have the Selenite Tower. This crystal ‌not only‌ projects a feeling of peace and lightness but also has the amazing ability to charge ‍and clear other crystals. We ⁣loved ⁣aligning various crystals around the tower​ to maximize their healing effects.

Last⁣ but⁣ certainly not least, we have the Celestite Cluster. This crystal brings a sense of⁢ calm and ‌upliftment,⁣ elevating our awareness of the guidance coming from our guardian angels. Placing it ​near our bed‍ enhanced⁣ our sleep experience, leading to⁣ peaceful dreams.

Not only do these crystals have incredible metaphysical properties, but they also add beauty and positive​ vibes to any space. Whether you’re a believer in crystal healing or simply want to enhance your home decor, this set is a perfect choice.

We were particularly impressed with the ‌quality and craftsmanship of these crystals. ​Dancing Bear takes pride in assembling ‍their products ⁤in the USA, ensuring that ‍you receive the highest grade⁣ gemstones with each purchase. Additionally, their dedication to giving back⁢ is admirable, as they donate 10% of their profits⁢ to‌ charities worldwide.

To top it all ​off, Dancing Bear offers a⁣ 100% ⁤satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, they ⁤will gladly refund your ‌money, no ​questions asked.⁢ That’s how confident they are ‌in the ​quality of their⁣ products.

In conclusion, the Dancing Bear Amethyst Cluster Cut Base, Celestite,‌ & Selenite ⁤Tower Healing Crystal set ​is a must-have for crystal enthusiasts ‌and those seeking positive energy in their lives. It’s a beautiful⁢ addition to ​any bohemian⁣ home decor ​and provides‍ natural good vibes that uplift the ⁤spirit. So why wait? Experience the power of these premium grade ⁢A crystals for yourself and transform ​your space into a sanctuary of healing and positivity.

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Overview of ⁣the Dancing ‌Bear Amethyst Cluster Cut Base (up to ‍½ lb), Celestite, & Selenite⁣ Tower (3″‌ Tall) Healing Crystal⁤ (3 Pc Set)

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In⁤ this review, we wanted to share our thoughts on the Dancing Bear Amethyst Cluster Cut Base, Celestite, & Selenite Tower Healing⁤ Crystal 3 Pc Set. We take pride in hand-sorting our crystals to ensure that you receive the⁢ very best stones for ⁢your ⁢crystal healing practices. Keep in mind that since these stones are natural, there‌ will be⁤ some variation in shapes and sizes.

The Amethyst ‍in this‌ set emits peaceful energy, ‍making it perfect for placing⁣ on an⁢ altar ⁣in your home. Its deep ‌purple hue⁣ is⁣ truly captivating. The ‌Selenite Tower, ⁤on the other hand, ⁣charges and clears ⁢other crystals of negative energy. ⁣You can align your crystals ​around the tower to ​maximize its effect. Lastly,⁣ the Celestite in this ⁣collection is calming and‍ soothing. Placing it⁤ near your bed can promote peaceful ⁤dreams.

Not only‌ do these crystals have metaphysical properties,‌ but they also ‌add ​beauty to your surroundings. Incorporate them⁢ into your home décor to boost positive vibes. Plus, when you purchase from us, you’re not only receiving‌ a quality product but also making a difference. ⁤We ⁤proudly donate ⁢10% of our profits to ‍charities worldwide. We also offer a ​100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re‌ not completely happy with your ‌purchase, we will gladly ​refund your⁤ money, no questions asked. Don’t miss⁤ out on the ⁤opportunity to⁣ enhance your crystal healing journey. Visit our website and order your ⁢Dancing Bear⁢ Amethyst Cluster Cut Base, Celestite, & Selenite Tower​ Healing ​Crystal 3 Pc Set today!

Highlighting the Premium⁣ Grade A Quality and Bohemian​ Home Décor ⁤Appeal of the Dancing Bear Amethyst Cluster Cut Base, Celestite, & Selenite Tower Set

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The ⁢Dancing‍ Bear Amethyst Cluster Cut Base, Celestite, & Selenite Tower Set is a stunning ‌collection of healing crystals that will ​add a⁤ touch of elegance‌ and positive energy to any ⁢space. ‌This 3-piece set includes an Amethyst Cluster with a Cut Base, ‍a Selenite Tower, and a Celestite Cluster.⁣ Each crystal is meticulously hand-sorted to ensure that you receive the highest quality stones for your crystal healing practices.

One ​of the standout features of ⁢this set is the premium grade A quality of the ⁣crystals. The deep purple ‍hue of the Amethyst⁢ emits a peaceful energy, making it the⁢ perfect addition to ⁣any altar or ‍sacred space in your home.‍ The​ Selenite Tower is known for ​its ability to charge and clear other crystals, promoting ​a harmonious and balanced environment. Lastly, the‌ Celestite Cluster brings a sense‍ of calm and upliftment, elevating​ your awareness and ⁣connecting you with the guidance from your guardian angels.

The versatile uses of⁣ this‌ 3-piece collection are endless. You can place the Amethyst⁢ on your altar to create a ⁣serene and tranquil ambiance. Arrange ⁢your other crystals around the Selenite Tower⁣ to maximize ⁢their⁤ energetic effects. And for restful nights and ⁣peaceful dreams, simply place the⁢ Celestite near your bed. Not only do these crystals serve as powerful tools for crystal healing, but​ they also enhance the‌ beauty ⁢of your home décor, uplifting your spirits and boosting ​positive vibes.

At Dancing Bear, we take pride in assembling our products with the utmost care and attention. Our dedicated team‌ in Eugene, Oregon ensures that each set is carefully packaged in a sturdy ⁣and attractive mailer box, ready to be gifted to yourself⁣ or a loved one. And when‍ you purchase‌ from us, you’re‍ not only receiving a high-quality​ product, ⁣but you’re also​ making a difference in the lives of people⁢ in‌ need. We lovingly donate 10% of all ⁢our ⁢profits to⁢ charities, both near and‍ far.

To top it all off, we ‍offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If‍ for any reason you’re not completely​ happy with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money‌ plus all shipping costs. With the Dancing Bear Amethyst ‌Cluster Cut Base, Celestite, ​& Selenite Tower Set, you‌ can experience the power of these healing crystals ⁢while adding a touch of⁣ bohemian charm to your home. ‌Click here to make your purchase and ‌bring natural good vibes into your ⁣life and‌ space.

Detailed Insights into the Natural Good​ Vibes and Metaphysical Benefits of the Dancing⁢ Bear Healing Crystal Set

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In this review, ‍we are‍ excited to share the detailed insights and metaphysical benefits of the Dancing⁤ Bear‌ Healing Crystal Set.⁣ This ‍set features the exquisite Amethyst Cluster, the calming Celestite Cluster, and⁣ the soothing Selenite Tower.

The Amethyst ​Cluster emits peaceful energy, ⁣making it​ perfect to place on an altar in⁤ your home. Its deep purple color exudes ​a⁤ sense of tranquility‍ and it‌ is ​known for its ability to purify ⁤the mind and‍ clear negative thoughts. It acts as⁣ a protective⁢ stone, creating a shield that wards off negative energies ‍and ‌promotes a sense of⁣ calm⁣ and harmony.

The Selenite Tower is a powerful crystal that charges other ​crystals and clears them of negative energy. Its⁢ presence​ projects a feeling of peace and lightness, creating a⁣ harmonious and positive environment. ⁤By aligning your other crystals around the Selenite Tower, you can enhance ⁤their effectiveness ‍and ⁢promote their healing properties.

The Celestite Cluster⁣ adds a ​touch of calm and upliftment to any space. Its calming and soothing properties make it an excellent choice to place near your bed for peaceful⁢ dreams. This crystal elevates your awareness of the ‌guidance coming⁢ from your guardian angels, allowing you to tap into a higher level of spiritual connection.

Not ⁣only do these ‌crystals provide natural beauty, but they also impart good‌ vibes and positive energy to your surroundings. Incorporate them into ⁤your ⁣home décor scheme to enhance the overall ambiance and uplift your spirits.

Each crystal in this set ⁢is carefully hand-sorted to ensure the highest quality. Please note that since these stones are natural, there will be variations in shape and⁤ size. The provided photos are good‍ examples,‍ but the ⁤stones you receive may not be exact⁢ duplicates.

We take immense⁤ pride in assembling this ⁣set ⁢in ⁢the USA, ⁢with our dedicated ​team in Eugene,‌ Oregon. By purchasing this product, you are not ⁢only benefiting yourself but also contributing to a good cause. We lovingly donate 10% of our profits to charities near and far, helping people in need worldwide.

Your⁢ satisfaction ⁢is our top priority, ⁤which​ is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.⁤ If, for any ⁤reason, you are⁢ not completely happy with your purchase, we ​will gladly refund your money along with all shipping costs.

Join us in‍ embracing⁣ the natural good vibes and metaphysical benefits of⁣ the​ Dancing Bear​ Healing Crystal​ Set. Click here to‍ purchase your set and experience ​the transformative power of these premium-grade crystal specimens.

Specific Recommendations for Incorporating‌ the Dancing Bear Amethyst⁢ Cluster Cut Base, Celestite, & Selenite Tower Set⁣ into Your⁢ Everyday⁣ Life

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  1. Create a Peaceful Sanctuary: Place the Amethyst Cluster on⁢ an altar, shelf, or table in your home to emit ⁤its peaceful ⁢energy. Its deep purple color and unique cluster cut base will not only add beauty to your space but ‌also ‍help purify your mind and clear negative thoughts. Enjoy a moment of tranquility as you engage with this stunning crystal.

  2. Enhance Crystal Energy: The Selenite Tower acts as a charging⁣ station for your ⁢other crystals. Arrange your crystals​ around the tower⁣ to optimize ‌their energetic ⁤effects and clear any negative energy they​ may have absorbed. Embrace the feeling of peace and lightness that ⁣Selenite‍ projects,⁣ allowing its ‍gentle vibrations to uplift and cleanse your⁤ surroundings.

  3. Invite ‌Calm and Upliftment: Place ⁢the Celestite near your bed⁤ to promote peaceful​ dreams and restful sleep. This calming crystal elevates your​ awareness of guidance from ⁣guardian angels, bringing a sense of comfort and tranquility into your ⁤everyday life. ‍Let it​ harmonize your​ space and enhance your connection to the spiritual realm.

  4. Boost Positive Vibes in Your ⁤Home: Incorporating these healing crystals into your home décor scheme ​not only adds‌ beauty but also elevates the positive energy in your surroundings. By placing them strategically‍ around ‍your space, you can⁤ uplift your ⁢spirits⁣ and ⁤create a welcoming environment filled with good vibes.

With our hand-sorted,​ highest-quality gemstones and ⁢our commitment ‍to customer satisfaction, Dancing Bear⁤ offers you a premium crystal‍ set that ⁢is both ​visually appealing and energetically powerful. We assemble‌ our ​products in the USA​ and ⁣donate 10% of our profits to charities worldwide, ensuring that your purchase contributes to a ⁤greater cause. If you’re ‍not completely satisfied⁤ with your purchase, we offer a‍ 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. Elevate ‍your everyday life⁤ with the⁤ Dancing Bear Amethyst Cluster Cut Base,⁢ Celestite, & Selenite Tower Set.⁤ Click here to ⁢get ​yours ⁣now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

At Dancing Bear, we take pride in​ offering high-quality healing crystal ⁢sets that can transform⁢ your space and bring ⁣positive energy. Here are⁢ some customer reviews that ⁣highlight the key features and experiences with our ⁢Dancing ⁤Bear Amethyst⁢ Cluster Cut Base, Celestite, & Selenite ⁢Tower Healing ⁢Crystal Set:

Review 1
“They are very pretty and soothing. They came⁤ as advertised.”

This customer appreciated the visual appeal‍ and ‍soothing effect ⁢of the⁣ crystals. The set met their‍ expectations.

Review ⁤2
“I bought this for a birthday gift for⁢ my granddaughter who will be nine ‌and has just recently taken an interest in⁣ gemstones, every stone is ‍beautiful and‌ especially⁤ the ⁣amethyst! I was pleasantly ⁤surprised by the ‍size of this⁢ beautiful amethyst and the color dark purple! I know she’s going to love it ‍her birthday is in February and amethyst is her birthstone, ‌this company never⁤ fails and its ​quality and ⁢their price​ is ⁣amazing!”

This review highlights the perfect‍ birthday gift this set makes for gemstone enthusiasts. The ⁢customer was amazed​ by the ‌size and color of the amethyst and praised⁣ our consistent quality and competitive‍ pricing.

Review 3
“Best stones, very ⁢rich colors! Packaged with care! 10 stars easy! Thank-you!”

This customer highly‌ values⁤ the stones’ rich colors and acknowledges ‌our careful packaging. They indicate their utmost satisfaction‍ by giving us a perfect rating.

Review 4
“beautiful, just no ‌where ‍near as big as⁣ anticipated..​ the ‍rose ⁢quartz is so small and⁤ fragile, the selenite is fantastic, as ​well as the amethyst. i ‌just wish the quartz ‌and amethyst ‍were a little bigger..”

In this‍ review, ‌the customer appreciates ‍the ⁤beauty and quality ​of the selenite and ⁤amethyst but is slightly disappointed with the size of the rose ⁣quartz.​ They express ⁢a desire for​ larger quartz and amethyst ⁤stones.

Review 5
“I absolutely ⁣love the⁤ crystals. I have bought from Dancing ⁤Bear a couple⁤ of times now and will ​definitely⁢ buy from them again. The⁢ crystals are big and very beautiful. Worth every penny and they come ‍well packaged never ⁢a ⁤broke crystal. ‌Also great customer service. Thanks so‍ much!!”

This customer ​is a repeat buyer and expresses total satisfaction ‍with our crystals. They appreciate‍ the⁤ significant size,‍ beauty, and intact ‍condition of our products.‌ They also recognize our excellent customer service.

Review 6
“Bigger and more beautifully colored than I expected. The amethyst was​ a much higher‌ quality piece than I was anticipating for the money I paid. ‍Sparkles deep ⁤purple on the windowsill.The selenite tower was nicely ⁤sized as well and the aragonite cluster was large and nicely formed. I’m very pleased. ‌I‍ generally don’t expect much from‍ buying crystals ‍online but this⁢ was a very pleasant surprise.”

This⁢ review showcases the pleasantly surprising experience⁣ of receiving larger and more​ colorful stones than expected. The customer particularly appreciates ‍the high-quality amethyst’s deep purple sparkle ‌and the nicely sized selenite tower​ and aragonite cluster. It surpasses their expectations of buying crystals online.

Review 7
“I got exactly what I ordered‌ and they are amazing. You get good quality ⁣stones. Bought them for a ⁣gift but‍ ended⁣ up‌ keeping them lol I love Christmas!!”

This review⁤ affirms ⁢that⁢ the customer received exactly what they ordered and found our stones amazing. They were happy with ⁤the quality and, despite buying it as a gift, couldn’t resist keeping it for themselves.

Review ​8
“This is a lovely set but⁢ a bit overpriced for what you get. The pieces ​are smaller​ than expected for ⁤what I ⁣paid ⁣and the‍ amethyst does not stand up well ⁢for display. The rose quartz has brown imperfections that have to be hidden in such a way that this piece looks⁣ awkward. The selenite tower‍ is cute but smaller ⁢than another⁤ one purchased elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.I just wish a little⁣ more effort had gone into quality control.Three stars⁤ for an average purchase. I⁢ really feel like I should have taken ⁤another star for overcharging. Such a⁢ shame because⁤ this was a test purchase to see⁣ if ⁤I would‌ like it enough to purchase another set I’ve been wanting.”

This review presents a balanced opinion. The customer‌ finds the set lovely but believes⁣ it ⁤is slightly overpriced. They mention the⁢ smaller size of‍ the stones and some imperfections in the‌ rose⁢ quartz. They express a desire ‍for better quality control and mention‌ considering another set‌ from us in the future.

Review 9
“I bought this kit for the Amethst thinking it was 1.2lb (544grams!) ‍and ⁢7.6cm tall but ⁣in reality it is 5.5cm tall and⁤ 3.5cm‍ wide and almost 2/3 of it‍ is It’s rock/earth-like! As for its‍ weight,⁢ it is no more than 250 grams (with the rock/earth!) which⁣ is 2 times less​ than what was stated in the poster of this‌ article!The advertising statement and photos⁤ are very misleading!Very very disappointed!Be careful, save your money!”

This ‌customer expresses disappointment with their‍ purchase,‍ stating that it did not meet their expectations regarding size and weight. They find the advertising statements and photos misleading,⁢ urging potential buyers to be cautious with their purchase decision.

In conclusion, our Dancing Bear Amethyst ⁣Cluster Cut Base, Celestite, & ⁢Selenite Tower Healing Crystal Set​ has received a mixture of positive and constructive feedback from our customers. While some appreciate the beauty, size, packaging, ‌and ‌excellent customer service,‍ others have expressed disappointment regarding size, ⁤pricing, ​and imperfections. We always strive to improve⁤ and take our customers’ feedback‌ into consideration to‍ provide the best ⁢possible‍ products and experiences.

Pros &⁤ Cons

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Pros Cons
The amethyst cluster emits peaceful energy, creating‌ a⁣ calming atmosphere. The stones may vary in ⁣shape and size, so they may not look​ exactly like ⁤the ​photos.
The selenite tower charges and ⁤clears other ​crystals, enhancing their positive‌ energy. The celestial cluster is relatively small compared to the other crystals in the ‍set.
Celestite is known for⁤ its calming‍ and soothing properties,‍ perfect for promoting ‌peaceful dreams. The package dimensions may be small for those looking⁤ for larger crystals.
The healing crystals add beauty to your home and uplift your ​surroundings. Some‍ customers may not be interested in metaphysical ⁢practices‌ and ⁢may not find value‍ in the set.
The crystals are hand-sorted and of the highest quality, ensuring you receive premium-grade gemstones. There is a limited range of crystals included ⁢in the set.
10% of all profits are donated to charities, allowing⁣ your purchase to​ have ⁣a positive impact. Some customers ​may find the ⁤price of the set to ⁢be higher compared to similar products.
The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, providing peace of⁢ mind for buyers. Shipping costs for returns may not be covered⁣ by the company.


Transform Your Space with our Healing Crystal Set插图6
Q: What is the average size of ⁤the Amethyst Cluster in this set?
A: The Amethyst Cluster in this set has an average size⁣ of ‌3-4″ ⁣in height and 2-3″ in width.

Q: Can you provide more information on the uses for this​ 3 Pc Healing Crystal Collection?
A: Absolutely! The Amethyst⁤ emits peaceful energy and can be placed‌ on an altar ⁣in your home. The ‍Selenite Tower‌ charges other crystals and clears them of negative energy. ⁢You can align your other crystals around the tower for optimal effect. The ‍Celestite is calming and soothing, making‍ it perfect to ​place‍ near​ your bed for peaceful​ dreams. ​Additionally, these⁤ crystals can be included in your home décor scheme to boost positive vibes and lift​ your spirits.

Q: Where are your products assembled?
A: Our products are assembled in the USA by our dedicated team in Eugene, Oregon.

Q: Do you offer any guarantee?
A: Yes, Dancing Bear is proud to⁣ provide our customers⁤ with a 100% satisfaction ‍guarantee. If you are⁢ not completely⁢ satisfied with your ​purchase, we⁢ will gladly refund your⁣ money plus ‍all shipping costs.

Q: Are the gemstones hand-sorted?
A: Yes, all our gemstones, including the Amethyst Cluster ‍with Cut‌ Base, Selenite Tower, and Celestite Cluster, are hand-sorted to ​ensure the highest quality.

Q: How are the crystals packaged?
A: The crystals come ‌artfully packaged in a sturdy and⁤ attractive mailer ‌box, making it⁤ perfect for ⁤gift-giving.

Q: Can you provide ⁢more information on ‌the metaphysical properties of Amethyst, Selenite, and Celestite?
A: Certainly! Amethyst⁢ is a ⁤protective stone that helps purify the mind and clear negative thoughts. Selenite projects a feeling of peace and lightness, making it great for charging and clearing ⁢other ⁣crystals. Celestite​ is calm and uplifting,⁤ elevating your awareness of the ‍guidance coming from your guardian angels.

Q: Can you tell us ​more ​about the charitable aspect of your company?
A: Of course! At Dancing Bear, ‌we believe in giving back. We lovingly donate 10% of all our profits to charities⁤ near and ⁤far, ensuring ⁢that⁢ people in‍ need worldwide benefit from your purchase.

Q:⁣ Is ​the product ⁢available for international‍ shipping?
A: Yes, our product is ⁢available for international shipping. However, ​please note that additional ⁤shipping ‍fees may apply.

Q: How can ‌I contact customer support?
A: You can reach our⁣ customer support ​team by emailing [email protected].⁢ We are⁣ always‌ here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Discover the Power

Transform Your Space with our Healing Crystal Set插图7
In conclusion, our “Transform Your Space with our Healing Crystal Set” offers a beautiful and truly transformative addition to your home‌ décor. With ‌our premium grade A Amethyst Cluster Cut Base, Celestite Cluster, and Selenite Tower, you can create‌ a space filled with positive energy ‍and good vibes.

We take great care ‌in hand-sorting our crystals to ensure that you ⁤receive the best stones ⁤for your crystal healing practices. While the shapes and sizes may vary due to their⁣ natural origins, rest assured that the stones you​ receive will be of the⁣ highest quality.

The uses for this‌ 3 Pc Healing⁢ Crystal Collection ⁤are endless. Amethyst emits peaceful energy, making it ⁤perfect​ for an altar in your home. Selenite⁤ charges and clears⁤ other ‍crystals, while Celestite brings calm and soothing energies to ‌promote‍ peaceful dreams when placed near your bed. By incorporating these crystals into your home‌ décor, you can elevate the positive energy and lift your spirits.

Not only⁤ are our products⁣ assembled in the USA​ by our dedicated team in⁤ Eugene, Oregon, but⁢ your purchase also helps benefit‌ those ‍in need around the world. We lovingly donate 10% ⁤of all our profits to charities near and far,​ making a positive impact on lives beyond your own.

Additionally, we stand⁣ by the quality of our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not⁤ completely satisfied, we will gladly⁤ refund ⁢your money, including ⁣all shipping costs. Your happiness is our top‍ priority.

With dimensions of ‏4.8 x 4.37 x 3.43‍ inches and a weight of 14.64 ounces, our Healing Crystal Set is carefully assembled and packaged in a sturdy attractive mailer box for convenient gift-giving.

Take the⁤ first step towards transforming your ⁢space and enhancing your ⁣well-being​ by ⁤clicking the link below to purchase our Healing Crystal Set now: Transform Your Space with our Healing‍ Crystal Set

Embrace​ the power of ⁣crystals⁢ and invite positive ⁤energy into your life. Experience the natural beauty and ⁣metaphysical benefits of‌ our Dancing Bear Amethyst Cluster Cut Base, Celestite, and Selenite Tower set.

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