BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask: A Premium Korean-made Respiratory Solution

Welcome to our product review‌ blog, where we delve ⁤into the world of BOTN KF94 2D Style‌ Large​ Masks. As ​a team of enthusiasts⁢ dedicated to finding the⁢ best health ⁤protection options on the market, we had the pleasure of ​experiencing the benefits of these premium KF94 masks first-hand. ‍From improving air-quality‍ to prioritizing comfort, ​BOTN has truly delivered a product that‌ stands out among the rest.

Let’s start with⁢ a little background on the brand. BOTN, which stands for Breath Of The Nature TIA, is a manufacturing company that ⁤specializes in creating masks to ensure the safety of industrial life and the living environment.⁢ Their ⁤dedication to cleaner and fresher air shines through in their yellow dust prevention masks, ⁣which are crafted using⁤ their own advanced technology and patented designs.

One of the standout features of the⁢ BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask is its ‍exceptional ‌filtration capability. With a 4-layer filter, you can rest assured that you​ are being provided with optimum protection against harmful particles. Whether ‌you are navigating a crowded environment or⁤ simply going about your daily routine, this mask offers a ⁢sense of security⁢ that is invaluable.

But protection‍ doesn’t ⁤mean sacrificing comfort. BOTN understands the importance of a⁤ mask‌ that feels‍ good to⁤ wear, which is ⁢why they have gone above and beyond to⁢ create a​ design ⁤that​ is both comfortable and⁤ adjustable. With straps ⁢that can⁢ be easily ⁣adjusted on both sides, you can find the ‍perfect fit for your⁢ individual needs, ensuring that⁣ your mask stays‍ in place throughout the day without causing any discomfort.

Another‍ impressive ⁣aspect of the BOTN KF94 2D ⁢Style Large Mask⁢ is the ⁤wide range of options available. With six colors‍ and four sizes to choose​ from, you can find a mask that not only⁣ suits your personal style but also fits your face perfectly. From classic white and black to vibrant pink and yellow,‌ these masks offer a level of customization that is rare in the world of disposable masks.

Moreover, BOTN takes pride in their own technology and production facilities, ensuring that each mask is crafted with the utmost care ⁢and attention to detail.​ This commitment to quality is evident ⁣in ⁤every ​aspect of the‌ product,‍ from its sleek packaging dimensions, to its availability⁢ for both men and women.

In summary, the ‍BOTN ⁤KF94 2D Style ​Large Mask is a standout ‍product ​in the realm of health protection. With its premium ​KF94⁣ rating, four-layer filter, adjustable straps, and ⁣a wide range of​ sizes and colors, it offers a level of protection and comfort that is truly⁣ unmatched. So, why settle for ​anything less when ⁤you‌ can have the best? Trust us,⁤ you ⁢won’t be disappointed with these ‌Made in Korea masks by⁣ BOTN.

Table of Contents

Overview of⁢ the BOTN KF94 ‌2D Style Large⁢ Mask

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The BOTN KF94 2D Style Large⁢ Mask is a premium⁢ disposable mask designed ​for adults, offering excellent health protection. Made in Korea with the highest standards of quality, this mask is manufactured by BOTN, a ⁢trusted brand focused on‍ improving air quality and providing safety solutions for our everyday lives. ‍With their own technology⁤ and patents, BOTN strives to create masks that ‌are both fresher and more comfortable than ever⁤ before.

One of the⁤ standout features of the BOTN KF94⁤ 2D​ Style Large Mask is its 4-layer filter, which provides superior protection against harmful particles in the air. Whether it’s yellow dust or other pollutants, this mask is designed‌ to keep‍ your respiratory system‍ safe and healthy. Adjusting the⁤ straps on both sides ensures that the‌ mask fits securely and comfortably on your ⁢face, allowing for⁤ long-term wear without discomfort.

Available in a range ⁤of colors and sizes, including​ White, Black, Dark Gray, Beige, ​Pink, ⁣and Yellow, there is an option for everyone. The ‌sizes offered are XL, L, M, S, and XS, providing ​a⁤ customized fit ‍for individuals ​of all shapes and sizes. With their own technology and production facilities,‌ BOTN ‌ensures⁢ the highest ​quality in their ​masks, meeting global⁤ standards for⁢ safety‍ and reliability.

In conclusion, the BOTN KF94⁢ 2D Style Large Mask is a top⁢ choice for those seeking excellent health⁤ protection without compromising⁤ comfort. With its 4-layer filter, adjustable straps, ​and various color ​and size options,⁤ this mask‌ offers both functionality and style. To experience the⁤ benefits of this⁣ premium ‌mask,⁤ visit Amazon and start prioritizing your health and well-being today.

Highlighting the exceptional features of BOTN KF94 2D ⁤Style Large Mask

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, ‍we are proud to introduce a product that goes above and beyond in ensuring⁤ health protection. ⁢With⁣ our own technology and ​patents, we have crafted​ a mask that ‍prioritizes cleaner and fresher air, ultimately safeguarding your respiratory​ system.

One of the standout features of the BOTN KF94 ⁤2D ‌Style‍ Large Mask is its incredible 4-layer filter. This provides exceptional ⁢protection ⁢against ‌harmful​ particles and⁢ pollutants in the air, ensuring that you breathe in only the purest air possible.⁢ Our mask is ⁣designed to effectively filter out yellow dust⁣ and⁤ other contaminants, making it ideal for outdoor activities or when air quality is a concern.

Additionally, we ‍understand ⁢that comfort is ‍of utmost importance​ when it comes to ‍wearing a mask for ⁤prolonged periods. ⁢That’s why we have meticulously created a mask that⁢ is not ‌only protective⁣ but also incredibly comfortable.⁢ With⁣ adjustable straps on both​ sides, you can ‌easily⁤ customize ‍the⁤ fit to‌ ensure‌ a snug and​ secure experience.‌ Say goodbye to the discomfort caused by ill-fitting masks.

To‌ cater to your individual⁤ style preferences, our ⁢BOTN KF94⁢ 2D Style Large Mask is available in a‌ range of colors ⁣and sizes. Whether⁢ you prefer classic White⁢ or want to add a pop ⁣of color with Pink or⁣ Yellow, ⁤we have you covered. Plus, our mask comes in‍ various sizes, including XS, S, M, L, XL, and ‌XXL, ensuring a perfect⁣ fit⁤ for⁣ every face shape.

Experience the quality and innovation of BOTN⁢ by ordering your BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask today. Join ⁣us in creating a world of ‍fresher, cleaner​ air‌ and take a step towards protecting your health. Click ⁢here‌ to purchase:

In-depth‌ insights into the ‍performance ⁣and functionality of BOTN KF94 2D Style ⁣Large Mask

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In-depth insights into the performance and functionality of the BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask:

When it⁣ comes to ​protecting our ‌health and ⁢respiratory system, the BOTN KF94 2D ‍Style Large Mask delivers. With four‌ layers of filtration, this disposable mask effectively filters ‍out harmful particles, ensuring cleaner and fresher air with every breath. The mask’s ‌yellow dust prevention technology, developed by TIA, guarantees top-notch quality and superior performance.‌

One of ⁣the standout⁢ features of⁣ this mask ⁤is its adjustable straps. We found it incredibly easy to customize the fit to our liking, providing a ⁣comfortable and secure⁢ seal around our ​face. Plus, with six color options⁤ (White, Black, DarkGrey, ‍Beige, Pink, Yellow)⁤ and⁤ four size variations (XL, L, M, S), there’s a mask to ‌suit everyone’s preference and needs. The 2D Natural Style ‌design⁢ is ​sleek and modern, adding a touch of style to our everyday⁣ protective gear. ​

Additionally, we were impressed‍ by BOTN’s ‍commitment to​ innovation and technological advancements. ⁣With their own production facilities, they are able to maintain ‌strict quality control and ensure that every⁤ mask meets their high standards. The⁤ package dimensions are‌ compact and convenient, allowing for‌ easy storage‌ and portability. And with the Department labeled as “unisex-adult,”‍ this mask is suitable for both ⁣men and women.

To ⁤experience the outstanding performance⁢ and comfort of the BOTN KF94​ 2D⁢ Style Large Mask, ⁢click on the​ link ⁤below​ and make your purchase on Amazon: Call to⁤ Action: Get your BOTN KF94 2D Style⁣ Large​ Mask now!

Specific⁤ recommendations for the best usage​ of ⁤BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask

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Specific‌ recommendations ⁤for‍ the ⁣best usage of the​ BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask:

  1. Size selection: The BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask comes in 4 sizes – XL, L, M,‍ and S. ⁢It’s‍ essential ⁤to ⁣choose the correct size for ⁢optimal protection and comfort. Here are our size recommendations based on facial measurements:

  • XL: Designed for individuals with a larger face structure.
  • L: Suitable ⁢for most ⁣adults and offers a good fit for‌ average-sized faces.
  • M: Ideal for teenagers and ​adults with smaller face structures.
  • S: Designed for children‌ aged 7 ⁤and above‍ or individuals‍ with petite facial features.

  1. Proper fitting: To ensure the⁣ best protection⁣ and comfort, ⁤it’s crucial to adjust the ‍straps on both sides of the​ mask. The adjustable ⁣straps allow you to customize the fit to your specific facial‍ contours, providing a‍ secure seal and⁤ minimizing gaps. A proper fit will ⁢enhance⁤ the mask’s effectiveness ⁣in preventing ‍the⁤ inhalation of harmful particles.

  2. Layered filtration: The BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask features a ⁢4-layer filter system that provides excellent protection against particles, including fine dust, pollutants,⁤ and airborne ​pathogens. Each layer serves a ⁣specific purpose in ensuring your​ respiratory health. The layers include a non-woven fabric layer, a melt-blown cloth layer, an⁢ electrostatic microfiber filter layer, and a soft inner layer for added comfort.

  3. Stylish‍ design options: ​Express your personal​ style with‍ the BOTN ‌KF94 2D Style Large Mask. ⁤With ⁤six⁢ color options to choose⁢ from – White, Black, DarkGrey,‌ Beige, ⁢Pink, and Yellow⁢ -⁢ you can find a mask that suits your preference ​and‍ complements your outfit. Stand ​out or blend in, the⁣ choice is yours.

Make the most of your health protection with the BOTN KF94 2D ​Style Large Mask, made⁤ in​ Korea with premium KF94 quality. It’s time to prioritize your well-being and take a step⁤ towards ⁤cleaner and fresher air. ​Get your BOTN KF94 2D Style⁣ Large Mask today and experience the​ difference.

Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews‍ Analysis

At​ BOTN, we value the feedback and satisfaction⁤ of our⁢ customers. Here’s what some of‍ our customers‍ had to ‍say about the BOTN KF94‌ 2D Style Large Mask:

Review 1:

The fit is great and⁢ very comfortable ⁢to wear. I will continue to buy these.

Review 2:

I liked BOTN’s “3D” style mask. The adjustable earloops were handy and the⁢ mask fit was great to my face. This mask is the new‍ product ​line-up from BOTN. And I decided to try this. I think this mask fit ​is great to me as their 3D mask. And it was convenient to carry⁤ in my‌ bag because ⁢it becomes very flat and I don’t even need ⁣to bother‍ folding it back.‌ However, the con is that this 2D‍ mask is‍ less⁢ flexible compared to their 3D mask since this does not have the adjustable⁤ earloops. It ‍does have ‍elastic earloops but it may cause a bit tension around your ears​ depending⁤ on your⁣ face fit.

Review 3:

I got these⁣ masks for myself in hopes ⁣they‍ would be more comfortable under the eyes. I’m ‍5’7” and ⁣wear large size in other brands. Sadly, they are too large, but my 6’6” husband will be the beneficiary during our trip to Southeast⁢ Asia.

From these ​customer⁢ reviews, we can gather some important insights:

Comfort and Fit:

Category Review
Fit The fit is​ great and very comfortable to wear.
Comfort The mask fit was great to my⁣ face.
Flexibility The 3D ‍mask is more flexible compared‌ to the ⁣2D mask due to adjustable earloops.
Under-eye Comfort Unfortunately, the mask was ‌too large for the customer and not‌ comfortable under the​ eyes.


Customers appreciated ⁢the ‍convenience of the BOTN KF94 2D Style⁣ Large Mask. It⁣ can ‌be ‌easily carried in a​ bag without⁣ the need​ for folding it back.

Overall, ‍our customers have positive experiences with the BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask, especially regarding its fit, comfort, and convenience. However, some customers⁤ found the lack of⁤ adjustable earloops in the 2D style ​mask ⁤to⁤ be ⁤a downside, as it may cause tension around the ‍ears ⁣depending on the individual’s face fit.

We appreciate the honest feedback from our customers and continuously strive to improve our products and cater to a⁢ wide⁣ range of needs and ​preferences. Your satisfaction and comfort are​ our ‍top priorities.

Pros & Cons

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  1. High-Quality and Premium Construction: The⁢ BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask is manufactured in Korea by BOTN, a reputable brand known for their commitment to producing masks for cleaner ⁣and⁢ fresher air. The‍ mask is ⁢made with top-notch technology and patents, ensuring a high level​ of quality ​and reliability.

  2. 4-Layer Filter Protection: This mask ‍is‌ designed with a 4-layer filter, providing effective protection against‌ various particles in the air. ‍It is specifically engineered to prevent yellow dust and other harmful ⁤substances from ⁤entering your respiratory system, making it⁤ an ideal choice for health protection.

  3. Comfortable Fit: The BOTN KF94 2D‌ Style Large Mask offers a comfortable fit for ‍adults. The ⁢adjustable straps on both sides​ allow for a‌ customized fit that ensures a snug and secure wearing experience. The⁣ mask‌ is‍ available in 6 ‌different colors and 4 ‍sizes (XL, L, M, S), catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.

  4. Wide Range of​ Sizes: ‍Unlike many‍ other masks on the‍ market, this BOTN mask offers a comprehensive​ range of sizes, including XXL, XL, L, M, ‍S, and even ⁣XS. This ‍means that individuals of all ages and sizes can find a mask that fits them well,‌ ensuring optimal protection and ⁢comfort.


  1. Disposable⁤ Design: The BOTN KF94 2D⁤ Style Large Mask is a disposable⁤ mask, which means it is intended for one-time ‍use only. This can be ⁣both a‌ pro and‌ a con, depending on personal preferences and environmental ‍concerns. While disposable masks offer convenience, they may contribute‌ to waste generation ⁢and increase overall costs in the long run.

  2. Limited ⁢Color Options: Although ‍the mask is ‌available in 6 different colors, some individuals​ may prefer ⁢a wider variety of color choices. While the available colors are ‍versatile and‌ suitable for most preferences, it would ‌be nice to have additional options to cater to specific style preferences.

  3. Packaging⁤ Dimensions: The package dimensions⁣ of⁢ the BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask are 9.37 x 7.17 x 2.24⁤ inches,⁤ and it weighs 7.83 ⁢ounces. While this may ⁣not⁣ be ‌a major concern for most users, those ‍seeking⁣ a more compact and lightweight mask for travel or on-the-go ‌use may find the packaging ‌size slightly cumbersome.

In conclusion, the BOTN KF94 2D Style⁣ Large⁢ Mask is a premium ⁢Korean-made respiratory solution that ⁣offers high-quality construction, ‍4-layer filter protection, ⁤a comfortable fit, and a wide range of sizes to⁢ choose from. While it is a disposable​ mask with limited color ‌options and slightly larger packaging dimensions, it remains a reliable option ​for individuals ⁣seeking optimal health protection and comfort.


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Q: How ⁣many masks are included ⁤in the BOTN KF94 2D ‌Style ⁣Large Mask​ package?
A: The BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask package includes 20 disposable masks for ⁢adults.

Q: Are these masks made​ in Korea?
A: Yes, these masks are proudly made in Korea to ensure the highest quality and standards.

Q: What is ‌the ⁣purpose of the⁢ 2D style design?
A: The 2D style design of these masks provides a‌ comfortable and natural fit, allowing for easier breathing while still providing optimal protection.

Q: How‌ many layers does the mask have?
A: ⁣The BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask consists of a ⁤4-layer ​filter system, ensuring effective filtration and protection against harmful particles and pollutants.

Q: What sizes and colors are ⁣available?
A: These masks are available in 6 different ‍colors: White, Black, DarkGrey, Beige, Pink, and⁢ Yellow. ‌They also come‌ in ⁢4 sizes: XL, L, ⁤M, and S, allowing for a customized‍ fit for different⁤ individuals.

Q: Are ​the‌ straps adjustable?
A: Yes, the straps on both sides of the mask are adjustable, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for everyone.

Q: Who is the manufacturer ⁢of these masks?
A: The ⁤BOTN⁣ KF94 2D Style Large Mask‍ is manufactured by To Improve ⁣Air-quality Breath Of The Nature (TIA), a company specializing in producing masks for the safety of‍ industrial life and cleaner air in‍ the living environment.

Q: Is there any additional technology or features in these⁤ masks?
A: Yes, TIA incorporates their own technology and patents into the production of these masks, ensuring​ a higher level⁢ of protection and⁣ comfort.

Q: Can ⁤you tell us about​ the⁣ packaging dimensions and weight?
A: ​The ​package dimensions for the BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask ​are⁣ approximately 9.37 x 7.17 x 2.24 inches, and it weighs approximately 7.83 ounces.

Q: Are these masks⁤ suitable for both men and women?
A: Yes, these masks are unisex-adult and designed to fit comfortably on⁢ both men and women.

Q: When were​ these‍ masks⁢ first ⁣made available for purchase?
A: ​The ⁤BOTN KF94 2D Style Large ⁣Mask was first ‍made available for purchase on April 8, 2022.

We hope this Q&A section has provided ‌you with the information you were looking for regarding the BOTN KF94 2D​ Style Large ⁢Mask. Feel free to leave any additional questions in the comments⁢ section below, and we’ll be happy to assist you further! Stay safe and protected with BOTN.

Discover the​ Power

In conclusion, the BOTN KF94 2D​ Style Large Mask⁢ provides ⁣a premium respiratory solution for individuals seeking health protection and comfort. Manufactured ⁢by⁣ To Improve Air-quality Breath Of The Nature ⁢TIA, a leading company specializing in creating cleaner and fresher air for both industrial and everyday environments, ‌these disposable masks are designed to safeguard your respiratory system from yellow dust and other pollutants.

With our own ⁢technology and production facilities, we ensure ​that each mask is crafted with the utmost ‍care and attention to⁣ detail. The 4-layer filter offers⁤ exceptional protection, while the adjustable straps guarantee a comfortable fit for all users. Available in a range of‍ 6 colors and 4 sizes, including XL, L, M, and S, you‍ can choose the perfect fit to suit ⁣your needs.

At BOTN, our mission is to‌ continuously innovate and⁢ create masks that are not⁢ only effective but also provide a fresher and more comfortable experience.⁣ Whether it’s yesterday, today,​ or ⁢tomorrow, we are dedicated ​to making a‍ difference​ in⁤ the world of masks.

To experience​ the benefits⁢ of the BOTN KF94 2D Style​ Large Mask, we invite you to click‍ the ⁣link below and make your purchase on Amazon.‌ Take control of your respiratory health today and embrace ⁤a safer⁤ tomorrow.

Click ‍here to purchase‍ the BOTN KF94 2D Style Large Mask

Stay protected. Stay comfortable. Stay BOTN.

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